Light, Thin, Effective!

The Cost of Heat to a Business

In the safety industry, we seem to measure the cost of excessive heat in terms of heat related incidents and the reduction thereof. Those are discrete, easily quantifiable, and hopefully avoid costs. Observing individuals experiencing excessive heat, we can see that heat affects energy levels, decision making, interpersonal interactions and collaboration, and productivity. Heat is a huge factor to a business and its very important to combat overheating by keeping your employees prepared!


The FlexiFreeze Ice Vest details

  1. Uses pure ice as a coolant to leverage its incredible heat absorption capacity.
  2. Neoprene focuses the work of the thawing ice on removing heat from the body core of the user, rather than absorbing heat from the ambient environment.
  3. 3 lbs of frozen water
  4. Less than 4 Pounds
  5. At a thickness of just .75”, it allows for full range of motion
  6. FlexiFreeze Ice Sheets are flexible, even when frozen.
  7. The same vest can be adjusted to fit individuals from XS to 6XL
  8. Washable
  9. Easy to use and adjustable