What does Phase Change mean? 

Phase change is the term used to describe the properties of a material as it changes “phase”, for example, from a solid to a liquid.  For our vest, it is when ice (solid) changes into water (liquid).

How do Cooling Vests Cool?

Cooling vests work by absorbing the heat of the person wearing the vest.  They don’t make you colder, they absorb your body heat to help you feel more comfortable in heat stress environments. Water absorbs more heat per pound than gels or chemicals.

Why Water? 

We use water, instead of any other material because it is efficient, safe, clean, green and inexpensive.  We don’t use chemicals, animal fats, or oils (vegetable or petroleum based) because they are less efficient at absorbing heat than the alternatives.

Where can I purchase FlexiFreeze Ice Vests?

The personal and professional vests and cooling kits are available on Amazon, or directly from flexifreeze.com or iceveststore.com.

How much do the FlexiFreeze Ice Vests Cost?

The personal cooling vests retail for $99.99 and the professional ice vests retail between $119.99 and $149.99, depending on the design.

How long is the vest effective?

There are four variables that determine the length of effectiveness for the ice vest: Temperature, humidity, body mass index, and activity level. The most likely time frame of effectiveness is between 1 ½ hours to 3 ½ hours. For continuous cooling, we have FlexiFreeze replacement panels available for purchase.

How do the vests fit?

Adjustable bungee cords on the side and Velcro straps on the shoulder allow the vest to fit snugly on any person between an XS to a 6XX.