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Multiple Sclerosis

I have MS, and I cannot tolerate the heat. I live in Arizona, so this presents a big problem. Over the last several summers, I've even suffered from depression when the months go by and I can't leave the house for any significant period. This vest has given me some of my life back. I have tried evaporative vests and bandanas in the past, but they seem to lose their efficacy after about 20 minutes. This vest stays cold for 1-2 hours depending on how warm it is outside. I purchased this in April and waited until August to write the review to be sure that it really is as great as I thought. When I have this vest on, I can run errands, go shopping, eat out in restaurants that are insufficiently air conditioned and basically feel awesome as long as the ice packs are cold. Overall, I'd purchase this again and am so grateful to have it. It's improved my quality of life tremendously. I have spent over twice this amount for a vest that didn't stay cold beyond 20 minutes, so I find this to be a great value too. I'm back now to purchase the replacement ice packs for the vest so that when one set melts I can have access to a fresh set. I recommend this vest without hesitation. – Skybrim

Needed a cooling vest for my mother per her doctors orders. Her insurance did not cover and this was very inexpensive considering the value she is getting out of it. Her doctor is pleased as well and has recommended it to other patients. – J. McGilvra

My father has MS and has an issue with warm weather. Living in Phoenix, AZ, heat is NOT your friend. It was to the point to where he wasn't really able to be outside at all. This vest has changed all that. It doesn't stay frozen for a long period of time (what does in 118 degree weather) but it lasts long enough for him to be able to travel to and from places without getting so fatigued. We love it!!! Very worth the cost.......which really wasn't bad! – Ghettochild

My husband has MS and this vest is great to bring his core body temp down quickly. The ice packs just velcro on and couldn't be easier to assemble. The vest is adjustable up to an XL. We had looked at other cooling vest, but they were very expensive. The price of this vest is very reasonable. – Bubbagal

This works totally as expected. I have MS and had to have something that cooled me down. This product works as expected. It allows me to stay out in the heat for an extended period of time.  – Amazon C.

I have Multiple Sclerosis and heat makes the symptoms worse. The best has worked great for me. I also ordered replacement packs – Janree

We bought this for our son, who has multiple sclerosis, for the summers when he was working outdoors. The heat really brought on his MS symptoms and this vest did the job. – S. Bothel

I do mascot booking and my team is required to be in mascots for 30minutes to 2 hours at a time and these work great.. keeps your body temperature down and works great even in the heat!!! I have 5 to date and will be getting more as the business grows!!! – J. Cosme

I have MS and heat really makes my body go haywire. One of the things I missed the most was going out window shopping and antiquing with my wife. With the Flexi Freeze Ice Vest it makes it all possible again. Thank You! – B. Patnoi


Industrial/Personal Protection Equipment


This item does its job. Keeps my core temperature down. I have worn it outdoors on my construction sites here in So Cal. The ice lasts about 2-3 hours depending on how hot it is outside. It's ice so you can't expect it to last all day, but I think 2-3 hours is great. – M. Carmona

This type works very well in dry Arizona and looks like a work vest. Easy to remove and freeze ice packs. – Bud

It kept me cold while working in a factory for over 3hrs and then i put it back in the freezer and it was still very cold when i took it off. So I still have no idea how long this will stay cold but it did its job!!! – J. Williams

I bought this vest in anticipation of doing some work on our property in 114 degree weather (Arizona). We had a bunch of fill dirt to move around in a Bobcat - everything was set up weeks in advance so I just had to grin and bear it. It's a pretty simple design and the level of adjustability (velcro, elastic cords) makes it perfectly functional. The thin layer of neoprene on the outside (blue) makes a good insulating layer to keep ambient heat from getting in to make sure most of the heat is sucked out of your body instead. The ice panels are easy to swap out and I found the vest pretty easy to adjust - perhaps because I read the directions and opened the little velcro compartments on the front that let out all the elastic cord so it can expand to size. I'm 6'2/210lb and it fits me just fine. On to the effectiveness - this vest is COLD. In that extreme heat I got about 2 hours before most of the vest was melted. I swapped ice packs in the deep freeze and got another 2 hours, but when those were toast the first packs were not re-frozen again. I'd estimate it probably takes 5-6 hours to freeze them so if you want to have cold continuously - you need 2 or 3 sets of ice panels. I plan to buy at least one more set. Although it's cold - it managed to make me mostly forget about the oppressive heat while I was working the Bobcat and I got hours of work done in conditions that would have otherwise probably made me sick. I was still sweating a little, but it made a big difference. A couple of times I had to get out to do stuff by hand like heft around rocks, etc. and it was not enough to keep up under those circumstances - but it was sure better than nothing. For anyone who lives in a hot area and does anything outside - this vest really helps. Away from the house - if you had a cooler and 2-3 extra packs I bet you could get 8 hours of dramatically increased comfort working outside. I'm looking forward to the other ways I can use this vest in the future - it's basically the equivalent of a great winter coat in a cold winter blizzard for those of us that have moved to warmer climes. – Nathan C.

I gave this to a person with MS and they really appreciated it. They needed it so they could walk and take care of her children without overheating. – Shotgun

I bought this for my fiance' who never excites over any gift no matter how much he likes it. He did on this! It is the best price too I have found for these. Ice panels freeze fast and last a good 3 hours at least that I know of. I bought extra panels to go with so he can switch them out as needed when he has to work in the boiler at the mill he works at. He loves it and it expands or tightens at the shoulders and at the bottom to fit any size man! That is awesome and he loves it . 2 thumbs up and then some! Shipping was faster than expected as well. – S. Womack

As anyone looking into cooling vests will know, they are sometimes expensive and not necessarily a fashion statement. This one, although it still has a utilitarian appearance, is quick, useful, portable and at present affordable. The panels come off and go back on easily for effortless use and fold quite conveniently, for a versatile, space saving fit into a freezer space. It also does a great job of keeping you cool! – Adomi21

The vest did the job of cooling. It lasts for about 2.5hrs in 110 degrees on a motorcycle if fully frozen. – Wlbrash



Bought this vest to wear under a Darth Vader Halloween costume a few years ago. Works well and keeps me cool for hours. - N. Ericson

This is the perfect item that you could use if you have a costume(mascot).easy to use, easy to storage and for the price wow – Guzman

I grabbed this because I was cast as the "Cowardly Lion" performing the "Wizard of Oz" at an outdoor theater. My costume was fur from almost head to toe, and it was near 90 degrees. This is light enough to dance and move in, but helped me "keep my cool". I was still hot, but what an incredible difference between the shows I did without this and the ones I did after finding it. I'd suggest it to anyone wanting to stay cool... – N. Cifone